Do You Feel Lucky?

I don't believe in luck.

Hey, it’s Loral Langemeier. I’m a money expert, Five Times New York times bestselling author and have been part owner in over 92 companies since my entrepreneurship journey.  

Let's talk about how you are designing your life.  

Is it luck or are you intentionally creating the positive things into your life?  

I'm giving away a $100k Challenge Coaching Program (a $15,000 value) this month! Enter and get 1 point, get your friends to enter and get 10 more points, attend a Millionaire Maker Meetup & Marketplace this month and get 100 points. Most points wins!

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Here's the truth...

Mainstream media has been sprinkling pixie dust on your since you were born. Everyone believes in luck like there’s enough to go around. 

In reality, there isn't enough pixy dust to go around.


Who needs luck when you can be sequenced and intentional about getting everything that you need and want.

We’re not bringing pixie dust to you this month. We’re going to bring you results.

So much that we’re going to pay it forward by giving away my #1 Coaching program that has delivered massive results for thousands of people, giving them an additional $100k to their bottom line!

You see…

Over my years as a money expert I’ve found that if you sequence correctly, you get results.

And in my world, results = MONEY!

That’s why I’m going to give away my $100K Challenge to a “lucky” winner even though luck has nothing to do with it.

It’s part of the algorithm.

The more you share, the more entries you get.

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Enter to win my $100k Challenge Giveaway (a $15,000 value)!

What is the $100k Challenge?

The $100k Challenge Coaching Program, Valued at $15,000 Retail, Includes The Following:


  • Eight (8) one-on-one 30-minute coaching sessions
  • 100K Challenge Blueprint for Success Workbook
  • Review and model our web site template to create your own or hire one of our web masters to build your personal web site.
  • Monthly Accountability calls with our Coaching Coordinators to help you stay accountable for program goals and provide you with new resources and program updates, as well as answer your questions
  • Participate in the $100K Challenge Mastermind Groups that we will create for you to learn from your peers and stay on pace to meet your goal.

WIN by sharing with as many people as you can. Enter and get 1 point. Get 10 more points for each person you get to enter. Get 100 more points for attending a Millionaire Maker Meetup & Marketplace this month. The person with the most points wins. Intend to win by sharing with as many people as you can!


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Enter to Win a $100k Challenge Coaching Program ($15,000 value)

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  • You will win if you intend to by sharing with more people than anyone else! The intentional winner will receive a 1 year long $100k Challenge Coaching Program. This program is guaranteed to get you into intentional action, increasing your income by $100k this year.



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