Thanks for participating! We’re going to tally the responses we receive from the community and see what we can do to support you in Living Out Loud with your Money and your Love Life!

In the meantime, you can tally your personal results below. (We’ve posted the quiz below if you need to review the questions again.)

If You Answered ‘False’ To All 5 Questions – You’re Blazing!

If you answered False to all 5 questions, congratulations! Your Love-N-Money Relationship Index is HOT, HOT, HOT. You have structured conversations about money and wealth that enhance your professional and personal life. Maybe it’s time to take things to the next level? ;)

If You Answered ‘False’ To 3 Questions Or Less – You have Sparks!

If you answered False to 3 questions or less, your Love-N-Money Meter has Flickers and Sparks.

You have conversations about money, but about 50% of the time or more, they create stress in ALL areas of your life. The good news is that you are starting conversations around money. There’s sparks of hope!

If You Answered ‘False’ To 2 Questions Or Less –You have a Slight Flicker!

If you answered False to 2 questions or less, your Love-N-Money Relationship Index has a slight Flicker.

You rarely have conversations about money. In fact, you try to avoid “money-talks” at all cost. Whether you realize it or not, avoiding these conversations are having a negative impact on your bank account and your romantic relationships in more ways than you know.

It’s time to start Living Out Loud with your Money and your Love Life.

Stay tuned for the community results and find out how your results compares to other wealth-builders in our community!

Here are the Love-N-Money Relationship Index questions again, for your reference:

  • Our conversations about money happen when and where they need to. We don’t have clear-cut times or places to handle financial issues. [T F]
  • When it comes to talking about money with my spouse/significant other, it’s stressful and we try to avoid it. [T F]
  • Only one of us “deals” with the money in our family. [T F]
  • My spouse/significant other and I have very different relationships to money. [T F]
  • We have not established any specific “Money Rules” in our relationship. [T F]

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