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Live Out Loud:
The LOVE Conversations

How your Relationship is Impacting your Bank Account

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Is Igniting Your Bank Account Putting Out Your Bedroom Flames?

Living Out Loud means having conversations about money – and about love – with your spouse or significant other. These conversation are essential in every marriage or partnership, yet most of us never learn how to do it right. Since money impacts every area of our lives – especially our relationships – stress around it can be a deal-breaker. And with more than 62% of marriages ending in divorce, it’s worth having a look at how your cash conversations are firing up your love life … or stamping out the flames of intimacy.


Fanning the Flames of Love (and Money!)

Thanks to your feedback on our Love-N-Money poll, it’s clear that our Live Out Loud community isn’t immune to the challenges that come with “marrying” wealth with love & intimacy.

In fact, whether you’re a high net worth wealth-builder, 6-figures in debt, or anywhere in-between, when it comes to money’s intersection with love, many people share the very same challenges.

So we went into our archives to find the perfect Valentine’s Day training for you ...

Sure enough, Live Out Loud: The LOVE Conversations addresses the exact issues many of you said you were dealing with in your relationship.

love and money

Live Out Loud: The LOVE Conversations brings together some of today’s greatest relationship experts for a conversation about the all-important connection between Love and Money.*

These are people who talk straight and do a great job helping their clients sort out relationship challenges – including those make-or-break conversations around money!

*Disclaimer: this is a recording with 5 top love experts made in 2012. The training is SOOO good that we kept it for just such an occasion … the issues we cover are timeless and the experts continue to be best of the best!

So wherever you are in the wealth-building cycle, and whatever your current relationship status, you’ll want to listen to this call. Here’s why …

This Candid Conversation with 5 Love & Relationship Experts Reveals ...

  • Why money & sex are so much alike.
  • How 2 careers can quench the flames of love ... and what you can do to avoid killing off passion when you’re committed to building wealth.
  • How to handle the Industrial vs. Entrepreneurial “conversation divide.”
  • How to have a healthy, loving and REAL conversation around money – whatever your income level, and no matter who “brings home the bacon”!
  • The #1 thing you must put in place in order to ensure love and intimacy aren’t compromised by your wealth-building goals.
  • How to communicate with a skeptical spouse so that they see your vision
  • Insider tips on how to stay productive in money conversations no matter how contrary your opinions or challenging the conflict.
  • The best way to avoid passion-killing “trigger points” in your relationship.
  • The 3 MUST HAVES for your Money & Love to Work together!
  • And much, much more ...


When you grab your copy of Live Out Loud: The LOVE Conversations before Midnight on Valentine’s Day, you’ll get 2 bonuses that will help your whole family with those essential conversations about money.

Debt Elimination Training book

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A workable plan to get you out of debt while still building wealth. This is the perfect solution for families whose conversations around money are strained due to debt or vague money rules. With this Debt Elimination training, your entire family can come into agreement about how to handle money moving forward.

Teach your Kids the Value of Money book

Teach your Kids the Value of Money - $49 value

If you have children, they’re learning about money through what you say and do. If you don’t talk to them about it, and all they ever see is you getting it from an ATM, is there any doubt they’ll think you have an endless supply?

This PDF will show you how to teach your kids how to make money, manage money and have fun doing it!


Take this Valentine’s Day to engage love AND money in a conversation that brings your relationship closer and fans the flames of love in your life! Grab you Live Out Loud: The LOVE Conversations NOW.

The LOVE Conversations and bonuses are only available at this price
Midnight on February 14th.


How your Relationship is Impacting Your Bank Account

What we know for sure is that over the past few decades there’s been a fundamental change in family finances. That accelerated during the recent financial depression.

  • According to a 2012 survey by Prudential Financial, today the majority of American household breadwinners are women.
  • A Wall Street Journal survey revealed that nearly a quarter of married women earned more money than their husbands.
  • As of 2010, US colleges have been graduating twice the number of women than men, according to an article in the Atlantic magazine.
  • And according to Bloomberg Business, “Women 30 and under make more money, on average, than their male counterparts in all but three of the largest cities in the U.S.”

These new structures call for new conversations in our relationships. It’s why we turned to the relationship experts in this revealing conversation.

Love and Money shouldn’t be contrary priorities. You CAN have it all – and the experts on this call will show you how!


5 of today’s top love and relationship experts chime in on how you can ensure the conversations you need to have with your intimate other serve everyone and align with wealth-building success.

Photo of Orna and Matthew Walters
Photo of Larry Michel
Photo of Susan Sheppard
Photo of Sandra Hanesworth

Orna and Matthew Walters. Best-selling authors, Master Relationship Coaches, and the founders of the Love On Purpose Revolution have a candid talk with Loral about what to bring to the bedroom and what to keep clearly OUTSIDE the love nest!

Larry Michel. Host of the Larry Love Show, seasoned entrepreneur and wealth-builder, Larry takes his years of expertise working with couples on aligning their energy frequencies around money in order to help YOU determine how to communicate about your cash.

Susan Sheppard. Relationship Coach and founder of, Susan gives you the inside scoop on when and how to Ask for What you Want!

Sandra Hanesworth. Matchmaking expert and founder of Sandra gives you plenty of food for thought to engage your love-n-money conversations to ensure win-wins on all fronts!


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Take this Valentine’s Day to engage love AND money in a conversation that brings your relationship closer and fans the flames of love in your life! Grab your copy of Live Out Loud: The LOVE Conversations NOW.

The LOVE Conversations and bonuses are only available at this price
Midnight on February 14th.

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