How to Turn Your Hobbies and Passions into a Business

Do you hate your job? Are you working nine to five, spending your days in a career that makes you miserable?

Do you wake up in the morning and wish that you didn’t have to get out of bed and go to work? Are you sick of working for someone and not working for yourself? Are you struggling to get by, or work purely to survive?

Imagine this… you wake up in the morning excited to start your day, you love what you do and it makes you happier than anything. Your number one passion in life is no longer squeezed in whenever you can manage it—it’s your career. You’re actually getting paid to do what you love. And you make more money than you ever have in your life—with your hobbies!

You are your own boss, and only you decides what you want to do and what you don’t. You are the only one calling the shots in your life.

Powerful, right?

In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to create your own business. And when you’re in the driver seat, only you decides what you want to do. Whether you create a blog, a product, offer services—whatever niche you want to be in, and how you want to run your business, is entirely up to you. And you can make it happen, a lot easier than you may think.

Your passions, whether they are obscure to every day hobbies, can become a money-making business. And you don’t need an MBA, or any business school education for that matter, to achieve this. What you need to do, is do it.

Jeremy Schoemaker is a perfect example of this. He is a serial entrepreneur that has built several online companies—two of which have sold for over $10,000,000 dollars. And he started from nothing. His rags to riches story will blow your mind.

“One day in 2003 I thought it would be really neat to have a picture of my girlfriend and my dog on the home screen of my Nextel flip phone.  After a lot of research I figured out how to do it. I created walkthrough documents to help others do it but most still could not figure it out because it was fairly technical.

So I decided to make a website where you could upload any image and the site would give you back the correct format for your Nextel phone. Shortly after I expanded past Nextel and made it work for all phones that could accept an image. Then it evolved to ringtones where you could upload an mp3 of a song and choose the part you want to use for the ringtone and it would give you back the right format.

The site grew to the point of 5 million visitors a month. In June of 2005 I lost my full time job and went on unemployment until Google called me one day and walked me through putting AdSense on the website. The first month I made $136,000, and was no longer on unemployment.”

You’re probably thinking, “I want to do that!”, right?

It all starts with a decision. First, decide you’re going to change your life. Make the decision that you are going to turn your passions into a successful business. Then, do it.

Seven-figure super-blogger Jeni Hott started her internet success doing just this—she made the decision, and she made it happen.

“The year before I began blogging, I earned $1,300…for the entire year. I was working with difficult clients and struggling to pay my bills. One day, I found myself standing in the middle of a street, completely fed up and frustrated. I decided to make a change. I asked myself one simple question: “What do I really want?”. Freedom, contribution, comfort, financial abundance and… I wanted to work once every 3 or 4 months.

I soon realized that working online was the answer and for the next 6 months, I wouldn’t leave my computer. My first goal was to make $33 a day. I passed that goal in 3 months by placing ads on my new health blog. The following month, I passed $66 a day. The next, $99… Eventually I had a special offer from Google and later included private affiliate programs. Most importantly, I made it a point to become a master at automation.

Two years later, I was making 6 figures. The following year, I became the first 7 figure blogger in the world and in 2013, I crossed 100 million visits to my blog. I was traveling full time, working only a few times a year and finally living the life I wanted.”

It all starts with a decision. First, decide you’re going to change your life. Make the decision that you are going to turn your passions into a successful business. Then, do it.

Seven-figure super-blogger Jeni Hott started her internet success doing just this—she made the decision, and she made it happen.

She took her passion—blogging—and figured out how to turn it into an income stream for herself. A powerful, 7-figure income stream.

Alright, let’s break it down. Lean in, because I’m about to tell you exactly how you can start making money with your own passions.

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1. Plan your cash machine.

Start by writing down all of your potential business ideas. Underneath that, draw two columns. List your passions and your hobbies in the first column, and in the second column write down all of the things you are really good at, plus your top qualities and skills. Think of this list in terms of services, or products, that you could sell.

Out of this list, you want to consider what has the potential to be lucrative—but the most important thing is that it also gets you excited! You need drive, and a business that bores you, or that you have no real passion for, will fizzle out quickly. You will lose interest, and it will never ever become successful. That’s why you need to revolve your business around a niche that you love. And it’s even better when you’re an expert in that niche. You must have the knowledge and the skills in that niche to run a business around it!

Compare your two columns and try to find any correlations. What do you love that you are also excellent at?

Say you are an excellent cook, and cooking is one of your hobbies. That’s perfect! You could start a food blog, and run a corresponding Youtube channel. Video is huge—it’s where much of entertainment is at today, and is primarily what social media is made up of and will continue to become. Brainstorm monetization and money-making ideas. You will need traffic, and fans, so brainstorm ways to increase online presence and reach. Think about multiple services or products that you could sell, such as online cooking classes, cookbooks and ebooks, etc.

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2. Take action TODAY.

This step is often the hardest one of all. You must take immediate, massive, determined action. Today, right now. Don’t lose the precious momentum you just got going! If you put it on the back burner and tell yourself “now is not a good time”, or “I’m too busy”, you will end up losing the motivation you just built up, and absolutely nothing will come of it. Don’t let your mind’s tricks sabotage your goals and swindle you out of achieving success!

Your subconscious and your limiting beliefs will try to keep you in your comfort zone, by generating excuses to keep you from taking risks and facing potential failure. So you can stay the same exact person and get the same exact results as you are now, for the rest of your life…

Forget that!

If you want to fly, you have got to leap.

3. Build your online presence.

Next you need to write up a business plan and build your sales funnel. You will also need a business name and to get incorporated. But you cannot forget the crucial, vital step of building your online presence. You need a website, you need social accounts and a following of relevant fans, you need traffic from Google, which means you need SEO (search engine optimization), and you need leads in order to build your list.

Building up your online presence and investing time and money into this is crucial to make it in today’s world. Make it your motto to kill it online!

So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and turn your number one passion or hobby into a money-making business!

Get your cash machine rolling, take immediate action, get all your planning underway, and get yourself online! Once you get the momentum going, you’ll be surprised at how determined and resourceful you will become. Just run with it, and success will follow.

You can finally do what you love for a living—and you can make it your one and only job. Soon you will be able to kiss goodbye to that awful 9-5 that has been draining the happiness out of you, and live the life you always dreamt for yourself, basking in personal and financial freedom…

Tell Me What Your Passion Is! How Will You Turn It Into A Cash Machine? Let Me Know In The Comments.

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